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Our path throughout the years


Nespar was founded in 1994 by a team of Chrissochori farmers in Municipality of Nestos. At the beginning, the cooperative was consisted of 40 Asparagus producers and the cultivated land was just 762 acres. The main goal of Nespar was the smoother management and the better organised distribution of the fresh Asparagus of the producers.

8 years later, having established a well-known name for Nespar Asparagus in the EU market as well as after many experimental crops took place around the area, the board council decided to expand their horizons by introducing the production of Nespar kiwi fruits. Experiments have shown that the Nestos Valley soil and the climate are ideal for this plantation.

The continuously high demand of the qualitative products of Nespar drove its members in 2011 to bring 2 more products in the market. These of the fresh apricot and plum fruits.

The production in 2013 reached 2.414.683 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our main goal is..


..The respect towards the consumer and the fine customer care to all of our wholesalers. This is succeeded not only by the continuously improvement of our quality products but also by the services which are offered throughout our productive investments. These investments embrace the quality assurance of our agricultural products though research programs in which Nespar takes part.

Another goal of Nespar is the increase of the quantity of the produced fruits and vegetables as well as the expansion to more plantations that thrive in Nestos Valley.

Finally, we support the Greek economy by offering job to more than 100 seasonal employees, and by supplying the company with products such as stationeries, packing material etc only by local companies.


NESPAR deals with the production, storing, packaging, exporting and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables. We overview our products from the early stage of production in the field till the last stage of packing. The whole procedure of storing, packing and standardization takes place exclusively to our facilities with the latest technology used.

The Nespar network of exports covers markets such as the European Union, Ex Soviet Union, Africa and Asia even Canada.


Our headquarters along with the production department are based in a private land of 25.000 sqm at Chrysochori Nestos.

The production department is equipped with 11 cooling stores (3615sqm) and can take up to 1.500 tons of products. In the packing and storing department (2.115sqm) there is the electronic mechanical equipment of product sorting that can sort out up to 8 tons per hour, as well as the small-package fruit sorting machinery that can sort out produce in categories up to 2.1 tons per hour.

On top of that, the last 3 years 1.024sqm of new cooling stores were added. One of them is an Ozone conservation refrigerator that can take up to 1200tons (194sqm) of products. The total area is 4.831sqm which proves our continuous effort to keep up with new technology and systems.

The company uses its own, latest technology tractors for massive pest and disease control. This is a way to apply perfectly the Good Agricultural Practices.